6th & 7th May - 10am to 5pm
Fishburners Sydney CBD



Aware that you're living below your potential, hammered by overthinking, the past and stuck in your comfort zone?

Sick of wearing all those masks, repeating the same patterns over and over again and ready to make a change you know will last?

Then my FREE Embody Your Greatness Program this May in Sydney is made for YOU!


"I feel so stuck in my head and have so much self-doubt I'm not really living life"

"The goal posts keep moving, no matter what I achieve it's never enough"

"I can never believe in myself enough to break through people pleasing AND procrastination"

"I feel unsafe in my body and constantly feel alone, no matter how hard I try to be authentic"

"I'm stuck repeating the same patterns of failure and guilt in my relationships"

"Fight, flight, freeze and fawn are ruling my life and keeping me locked in the past"

"I'm overanalysing so much I don't sleep well, have no energy and can't hear my intuition or gut"

"I'm great at talking about my blocks and helping other people but I can't actually create permanent shifts for myself"

"Deep down I know I can do more but I always feel like I'm behind and trying to catch up to something I've already lost"


Then my upcoming FREE Embody Your Greatness Experience is exactly what you need.

Our tools and techniques have helped thousands of students all over the world and from all walks of life JUST LIKE YOU.

If you want to learn some no BS tools and SKILLS that really work AND have a community of like minded people at your side... then get your ticket to Embody Your Greatness as they will SELL OUT!

Over the course of our two day FREE program you will learn directly from me, Matt, my way of approaching inner growth and self-love that I built after dropping out of medical school to follow my gut and passion for helping people...


How To Connect With Your Gut

Learn how to communicate with yourself and your intuition so you can command yourself with conviction!

Simple Tools That Create Permanent Change

How to silence self-doubt and the 'inner-critic' so you can have freedom in your mind!

How To Feel Safe In Your Body

The 'key' to ending the internal battle so you can have a life where you expand and grow!

The 'Secret' To Trusting Yourself So You Can Shatter People Pleasing

Experience EVERY single day with powerful fearlessness because you BACK AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Why You're So Scared Of Being Authentic

Once you understand it's a natural response to our modern world you can break the cycle of procrastination forever!

Why Taking Responsibility For The Past Will Heal Your Relationship

Self-love will attract a true partner of character and build your relationships that bring out the best of you!

How To Finally Feel Like You're Enough...

And even more importantly... how to STAY feeling that way... with the right training you don't have to feel worthless!

How To Be Who You've Always Wanted To Be

Yourself... All your boldness and power is in your ability to be YOURSELF!

Build Sustainable Motivation And Goals

So you never have to set yourself on fire for fuel or to keep other people warm ever again!

Why should I even listen to you?

Great question.

This 'path' or approach to inner healing has been something I've been working on for over 10 years... 8 of which I've been running a business and working full time as the founder after dropping out of medical school at USYD. I've been lucky to speak to audiences everywhere from NYC to the Sydney Opera House about my life work.

I've achieved a lot in my life, but none of the external measures of success come close to topping how proud I am to be able to authentically say I love myself and help other people do the same for a living. I've had depression, anxiety, PTSD, been a drug addict, had self-hatred coming out my eye balls and I've shamed and guilted myself most of my life. I used to have industrial strength inner critic(s) and doubted myself and my worth for decades.

I grew up in a rough place and never really knew anything different from a life of failure and low self-esteem... probably like a lot of you reading this as a kid growing up and as a young adult I just felt like I didn't belong. I didn't really have any hope for my life. After spending years in and out of hospitals growing up and being over 35 kg heavier than I am now, I decided I wanted to help people who had grown up in as much darkness as I did.

It was pretty much that or death for me. Committing to helping people with self-love has given me everything in my life. I would be a doctor right now if my gut hadn't of told me to drop out and follow what I feel is my calling to help show people self-love really works... I felt like all my problems were just because I felt so worthless and if I could change that in myself I might be able to help a lot of people.

I'm basically a no BS, hyper science person who fell in love with art, people and self-love and so I took it on myself to try and approach inner healing in a new way that can work for anyone, anywhere, anytime. I'm so anti-BS I consider myself allergic to it. That it can be a lot for people. I'm usually more on peoples own teams than they are.

You don't have to listen to me... and in fact you shouldn't... you should listen to yourself and your own intuition/gut in my opinion. It's just that you need to train. You trained yourself to learn how to walk and talk, you can do the same with your intuition and self-love. Train in listening to yourself and following your gut. I think self-love is like every other skill in the world and it's my mission to show people how impactful it can be.

I believe you need to be able to ultimately be your own biggest fan, be your own 'sensi/bffl' and learn how to solve your own problems. I tried all the self-help, modalities, breath work, programs and books you could find. 95% was a waste of time, a few helped, most, in my opinion, just seemed like they would help me avoid how I really felt.

My approach is based around simple lessons that would work for any human being, whether you lived 20,000 years ago, 200 years in the future or you grew up on TikTok.

I think you need to love yourself properly if you ever want to be free of cycles and spirals in your life. I think you need to trust yourself if you ever want to break free of your mind and back yourself with authentic conviction. I think you need to be yourself and live a life where you help people if you ever want to feel yourself in flow and in command of your life.

That's me, my approach and my work in a nutshell.

I simply teach you what worked and works for me. I think you and I are the same so if it worked for me it should work for you, just like it has for the thousands of people I've worked with... you can come and try it for yourself in May FOR FREE as long as tickets don't sell out!!!

We've Run Programs All Over The World...



Students That Attend Our Programs Each Year


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Jasmine Petre
Business Leader

My life before working with Matt was sad and lonely. On the outside I was achieving goals professionally a lot quicker than my peers and was told I had the ‘thing’ to be a high performing professional and make a difference. I instantly knew when I first spoke to Matt the work was right for me. The process delivered more reward than the mega cross lotto!! The happiness that surrounds me is relieving and radiant. My marriage that was on the rocks is saved and renewed.

Martijn Holtes
Wim-Hof Instructor

Life before working with Matt, honestly... I was struggling with a lot of questions on how to plan and build my business and personal life.
Matts work, the setting and the fact that he created a very safe space for us to talk about anything has brought me enormous breakthroughs. There are a lot of coaches out there. But what sets MJ apart from the rest is the combination and highly practical advise and exercises that bring true results and insights. These insights I have never experienced before and brought me more clarity in a few days than reading and working with others did for the last 3 years.

Mun Yong
Medical Consultant

Self love did not exist in my life before coming into the work. I had my own shell that I hide in, in fear of rejection and to protect myself from rejection. The work has been life changing! It helped me face my biggest fears and challenges in a methodical way. It made a really big difference in my life and I would say for anyone thinking twice, go for it and you would get so much more than you would expect in life.


The Last TPT Event We Ran In 2022 Sold Out 191/200 Seats... WITHOUT ME TEACHING...

Don't Miss Out!!!

Embody Your Greatness


Sat 06.03 - Sun 07.03
@Fishburners Wynyard SYDNEY CBD


Why is it called Embody Your Greatness?

Because I'm the type of teacher who thinks that describing something but not being able to do it isn't actually learning. In the same way as knowing the recipe for a roast but being unable to cook it isn't going to help you if you're hungry - knowing all the fancy healing, spirituality and in vouge self-help words without genuine embodiment is a waste of time. I'm in the business of getting people to see that a skillset is the answer. If you build an actual skillset in cooking, you can take any batch of ingredients and make a brilliant dish out if it because you have embodied skill that you can rely on.

This is what I help people with, it's just helping people with self-love and trusting themselves. If you can really embody feeling like you love yourself, I think a part of you comes out that is a little bit of a miracle. I think we all have lots of different parts inside of us AND that you also have a 'Youest You.' I think it is possible to be yourself all the way down, and I think that part of you is the greatest part of you.

That's what I help people with.
Step 1 - Embody self love.
Step 2 - Use the skillset of self love and trust to become your true and authentic self.
Step 3 - Try and help people with your greatness.

So I thought EYG was a good name.

Can I bring my friends?

Hell yeah. Just make sure they get a ticket, we always overbook with free events as not everyone who signs up for a ticket will show up on the day so there is a risk of there not being any seats left!

Do I have to come for both days?

You definitely have to come for the Saturday to come to the Sunday. With that said you don't need to stay if you're not getting value out of the experience and TBH, but lunchtime on Saturday if the energy isn't there for you I encourage you to leave and find something more enjoyable for yourself to do. We love teaching good students and you need to want to be there to be a good student. A few people always decide after the first session that they don't need to learn anymore from us and all power to those people!

I've gone to a lot of self-help programs, how is this any different?

Two answers to that question

1 - I built and invented this work myself over a 10 year period of study, experimentation and learning. My biggest sources are my own life experiences, psychedelics, maths, science, daoism, emptiness, feminine beings and the First Nations Cultures of the Country I am lucky enough to be born on. This is the only place in the world you can learn this approach as I invented our work.

2 - In my opinion self-help is 99.9995% BS. The other answer is that my approach actually works because you are becoming your own teacher. For me I would always prefer to know how to build my own home, so in the case of something ever happening to my house I wouldn't be back at square one, I could just rebuild because I have the safety and knowledge inside myself. Most self-help business in my opinion are doing the equivalent of just trying to sell you the idea of renting an apartment in a tower - which isn't sustainable and doesn't actually empower you.

You need to be your own teacher, and that means you need to have a system or approach you're relying on, not some other human being. This is where true internal safety comes from. I guess I see myself as someone who teaches a practice like Yoga that you can keep doing forever and it becomes a lifestyle... not some random techniques on how to have better habits.

At the end of the day, self-love is the new Yoga in my opinion. 20 years ago Yoga was weird now your work offers it during your lunch break. I think self-love is going on that same wave.

Why is it called The Peace Timeline? Are you weird?

It's called the peace timeline because I'm basically a CEO executive science hippy type person. I really do believe self-love is the answer to a lot of what we're facing on the planet AND I think playing guitar and singing together with some people who all smell a little and talk about their trips to Bali and Byron a lot probably isn't helping as much as people think.

In my deepest self-expression I'm a hopeless optimist and really love human beings and the earth so I thought calling the business TPT would be way better than just having another business brand that's just an ego trip for whoever founded the thing. Plus we tried a few other different names and my mentor threatened to quit if I kept changing the name so TPT kinda stuck.

In terms of if I'm weird... I'm pretty weird in the same way that people who love chocolate are weird. I love what I love and I'm not ashamed of it. I mean I wake up every day speaking about self-love and generational trauma. I think that's the most leveraged thing I could be talking about and it brings me an immense about of joy and purpose to be mission led in my life. Some people think I'm strange for my focus on those problems. I guess I just help good students learn self-love and if I'm not your vibe or TPT isn't your vibe then that's awesome. I mean TBH part of me thinks normal people are boring.

Hope that answered your question.

Will you be selling something during the weekend?

Yes. On the Sunday. It'll be to join our community. The investment for our programs cost in the thousands of dollars not the hundreds and there are different prices for different payment options so we just walk through all of that on the Sunday. That way all day Saturday we can just do the work without anyone having to stress about being sold to, and only the people who are keen enough to come back for Sunday will even hear the pitch.

You are obviously welcome to say no, lol.

Is there any free cake?

Okay so no one ever asks this question. But I think they should. There will not be any free cake but I'm so happy you shot your shot.

Here are TPT we are generally pro-desserts. If you are pro-desserts then we are probably your type of people.



Daniel Hersee
Digital Marketer

The impact the work has had on not just my life, but everyone around me, is phenomenal. I'm helping my family heal and come together, my business is stepping into all new territory.

Jamie Francis
Tradie and Father

Going so deep with myself to build genuine relationships with my parts is indescribable. This will forever be one of the most defining points in my life.

Alex Robinson
Business Owner

Expect to feel a lot more whole. There are some parts of ourselves that we just want to push away but those parts of you are going to feel loved.

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